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A tried-and-tested method

schools of knowledge such as Leadership, Sales, Technical, Intercultural and Languages, among others.

We are backed by a team of professionals who provide ongoing advice for each project, choosing the most appropriate trainers, all of whom are practitioners with vast experience in the business world. We select the ideal teaching methodologies and resources, and we analyse the results to optimise future training programmes.

We also offer a fully customisable online environment called Eurolearning, which complements on-site teaching and enhances the development of collective skills, with an online platform, favouring individual learning. In addition to developing individual and collective aspects, the Corporate University is able to develop the company itself.

At your disposal are our facilities focused on training and purpose-built for corporate meetings. Accommodation with all necessary services is provided in El Escorial’s privileged surroundings.

When it comes to designing a Corporate University, it is essential to trust an expert who is able to understand the challenges that businesses face. This has been understood by the companies that have placed their trust in Euroforum, improving their efficiency and competitiveness.