With Euromeeting , we offer a differential service that facilitates and improves efficiency in the management of corporate meetings and training events . It dramatically increases the autonomy of attendees to an event by improving their user experience before, during and after it.

By the characteristics of this service, Euromeeting is also the ideal solution for the management of corporate universities in which a service of these characteristics simplifies the complicated logistics that so many resources consume.

This service is organized around an app , which simplifies, among others, the processes of logistics, registration, notification and communication with participants and allows full flexibility in the development of the event. Adjustments on the fly and communicate them in real time.

Benefits to the organizer:

  • Increased autonomy of attendees.
  • Reports in real-time .
  • Agility and flexibility .
  • Customization of design with the event image and / or sponsors .

Benefits for the participant:

  • Easy access to information of interest (maps, interactive calendars, documentation, etc.).
  • Increased real-time participation (live polls, questions to speakers, questionnaires, forms, quiz games)
  • Increased networking (chats and comments walls).

Euromeeting is a integral service that offers a new way to manage an event and streamline communication with attendees and networking.